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Earlier Now (2007)

Chuck Full Of Nots (2008)

A veritable notepad. Some of my best work this month. As far as I know.

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Chuck not the Band


The band believes in the "one-take" philosophy, and for the most part, has stuck to that world-view with this production. Start with a riff, add some lyricality, some effects, some after-effects, some random power surges, and...Viola!

Special Guest - Midnight Gardener - Acoustic Guitar on "MC Train Song". Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Chromatic and Non-Chromatic Harps, Keyboards, and Vocalising by Chuck. Artificial Drums by DJ Chuckie Jesus. Studio Cat by Pieface.



Completed Albums

Earlier Now(2007)

She Just Goes Out
May You Worry
See How It's Done
Apocalypse (Now You're Talking)
The Thick of It
Get the Junk Mail
What in the World
The Way I Like
Tim's River Song
You Got To Go

Chuck Full Of Nots(2008)

A veritable notepad. Some of my best work this month. As far as I know.

It's Spring, Again
All I Wanted
Hi There, Foolish
A Lot More Beer
With the Empire
Glad When I'm Sad
MC Train Song
Have You Ever?
Where Do You Run?
Haven't Always